Gloria Trevi

Обложка альбома Gloria TreviGloria Trevi (born Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz on February 15, 1968 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico) is a Mexican pop-rock singer, songwriter. She was described as the "Supreme Diva of the Mexican Pop" by the music channel VH1. Gloria Trevi left Monterrey at the age of 12 to pursue a career in Mexico City, where she met her future manager Sergio Andrade. Before meeting Andrade, she sang and danced on the streets for spare change, teaching aerobics and serving quesadillas at a food stand. In 1985, she was a member of a short-lived girl group named Boquitas Pintadas [1]. After the break up of the band in 1988, Gloria Trevi approached Sergio Andrade for the production of her first solo album, "...Que Hago Aqui?". She is now married to Armando Gómez and has two children. Trevi released her first album in 1989, ¿Qué Hago Aquí?. The album scored an instant number one hit, "Dr. Psiquiatra", and four other songs from that album climbed the charts. Trevi followed up her first record with the 1990 album Tu ángel de la guarda, which became more successful than the previous one.
  • Трек: Como Yo Te Amo
  • Исполнитель (артист): Gloria Trevi
  • Длительность 4:48
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Gloria Trevi - Como Yo Te Amo"

  • 4:26
    Gloria TreviTodos Me Miran
  • 3:26
    Gloria TreviI Will Survive/Todos Me Miran
  • 4:04
    Gloria TreviMe Rio De Ti
  • 3:13
    Gloria TreviDímelo Al Revés
  • 4:47
    Gloria TreviInmortal
  • 3:08
    Alejandro Sanz/J. Balvin/Los Tigres Del Norte/Gloria TreviCuando Seas Grande
  • 4:11
    Gloria TreviTú Y Yo
  • 4:07
    Gloria TreviSin Miedo A Nada
  • 2:33
    Gloria TreviChica Embarazada
  • 4:01
    Gloria TreviMe Siento Tan Sola
  • 3:00
    Gloria TreviQuítame La Ropa
  • 3:31
    Gloria TreviTodos Me Miran
  • 4:10
    Gloria Trevi20 Segundos
  • 4:17
    Gloria TreviHoy Me Iré de Casa
  • 4:08
    Gloria TreviTe Quiero
  • 3:34
    Gloria TreviDímelo Al Revés
  • 5:37
    Gloria TreviY Ahora Quién
  • 3:46
    Gloria TreviHoy No Voy a Gritar
  • 4:10
    Gloria TreviQue Muera El Amor
  • 7:29
    Gloria TreviEsa Hembra Es Mala
  • 3:30
    Gloria TreviCon los Ojos Cerrados
  • 3:11
    Gloria TreviTú Y Yo
  • 4:10
    Gloria TreviLas Pequeñas Cosas
  • 3:47
    Gloria TreviDesahogo
  • 7:09
    Gloria TreviDr. Psiquiatra
  • 2:58
    Gloria TreviAgárrate
  • 3:38
    Gloria TreviA Gatas
  • 4:16
    Gloria TreviEsa Hembra Es Mala
  • 3:38
    Gloria TreviCon Los Ojos Cerrados
  • 3:30
    Gloria TreviLes Dire, Les Diremos
  • 4:29
    Gloria TreviSoñando
  • 4:16
    Gloria TreviMe Siento Tan Sola
  • 4:12
    Gloria TreviEl Amor Después Del Amor
  • 2:52
    Gloria TreviPunto G
  • 4:09
    Gloria TreviCama Y Mesa
  • 3:47
    Gloria TreviDr. Psiquiatra (Remix)
  • 3:29
    Gloria TreviLa Papa Sin Catsup
  • 3:17
    Gloria TreviZapatos Viejos
  • 3:33
    Gloria TreviLa Papa Sin Catsup
  • 4:24
    Gloria TreviEl Amor Después Del Amor
  • 4:29
    Gloria TreviComo Yo Te Amo
  • 3:29
    Gloria TreviEres un Santo
  • 3:27
    Gloria TreviVirgen de las Vírgenes
  • 4:05
    Gloria TreviVestida De Azúcar
  • 2:54
    Gloria TreviFue Ese Tequila